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Lucas Bravo, Lover In Paris: “It Started With Lutetia…”

Her love affair with tens of millions of Emily in Paris addicts begins with a date in the legendary Parisian palace. And continues with this Technikart “love” interview …

October 2020: the rom-com Emily in Paris lands on Netflix. In just a few days, the series becomes number one trend on the platform, and tens of millions of people around the world fall in love with the boy next door at the heart of the series’ sentimental intrigue: the cook Gabriel played by Lucas. Bravo, a 32-year-old Niçois unknown to the battalion. Two months later, we find him at the Serpent à Plume, the underworld (and ultra-chic) ​​club on the Place des Vosges (Paris III e ). Fresh back in the capital after an extended shoot in Budapest (he plays in Mrs. Harris goes to Paris Anthony Fabian facing Isabelle Huppert), he arrives relaxed. Dressed in Weekday jeans, a left bank designer sweater and, on the feet, black Dr. Martens to break (a little) his image of perfect son-in-law. Like the “modern romantic” he now embodies, Lucas will be laid-back, even cerebral, throughout the afternoon spent with him.

At the end of last year, tens of millions of people around the world fell in love with you in just a few weeks. Not too unsettling?
Lucas Bravo: Ah ah! I am not sure of your numbers! But it’s nice, anyway. It is a form of love, virtual and a little distant, but heartwarming.

And how did you first experience the Emily in Paris phenomenon?
I was shooting in Budapest for a feature film (Mrs Harris Goes To Paris by Anthony Fabian, editor’s note ), so I wasn’t too in direct contact with what was going on. The first time I was confronted with the reality of it was in a restaurant: I realized that someone was trying to take a picture of me over their girlfriend’s shoulder. I found out because this person tagged me on my Instagram account, and I got to see myself from their point of view, having lunch. Strange!

You became world famous thanks to this role of handsome cook in a series of Darren Starr, known for his successes camp ( Sex and the city, Younger… ). How did the casting go?
I must have done five or six auditions which were spread over two months. It was a bit “up and down”, I had been good to some and completely next to others. Towards the end, I left Paris so as not to have any waiting, I didn’t want to fall from above. Because all the same, when you’re in contention in this kind of race and you’re in the final peloton, it can be quite devastating on your morale to project yourself too much. So I assumed that it was not going to do it and I went to a sheepfold in the Corsican mountains (since my mother is Corsican and I have family there). I was swimming in the lakes, I was with the wild horses… then I received a phone call telling me to come back to Paris quickly. And there, I had an appointment at Lutetia with Lily ( Collins, the star of the series, editor’s note), the prod ‘, Darren… everyone. And I did one last “alchemy test”. I didn’t know what it was at the time. And two days later, I was called. I was at home when I woke up, I was asked if I was seated properly, then I was told the news. And surprisingly, where a few years ago I would have rushed on my friends to celebrate, I have been very calm. I was quite amazed at the peace that came over me at that time. I got to work straight away, I didn’t call my relatives …

Head over to the Technikart website to read the rest of the interview!

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Gallery Update (1/12)

I’ve been busy working on a pretty big gallery update; at the moment, I’ve added missing outtakes from photoshoots, added photos from when Lucas modeled for Noyoco Paris, and I’ve been adding film and television production photos here and there. Be sure and head over to the gallery to check out all the new additions!

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‘Emily in Paris’ Star Lucas Bravo Praises Lily Collins

He soared to fame for his role as handsome chef Gabriel in the hit Netflix series.

And Emily In Paris star Lucas Bravo has praised his co-star Lily Collins for being a ‘great’ and ‘generous’ scene partner.

In a new candid interview, the French heartthrob, 32, went shirtless as he smouldered in an accompanying photoshoot with Man About Town.

lsewhere during the chat, Lucas admitted that he had ‘imposter syndrome’ when he first started filming and he only jumped into production one week before filming.

The star was interviewed by Emily In Paris co-star Ashley Park, who plays Emily’s (Lily Collins) best friend, Mindy Chen, in the fun Netflix series.

Talking about working with Lily, who plays his character Gabriel’s love interest and leading role Emily, Lucas said she was ‘generous’ while Ashley said she was ‘great’.

He explained the important characteristics of a scene partner: ‘First of all, it’s all about listening. No matter how much you’ve been working your character, if you come to set and you’re not ready to listen, it’s meaningless.’

Lucas added: ‘The information comes to you, the emotions come to you and it becomes organic. You just have to live it, because you’re an instrument.

‘Lily was so generous on that level; she leaves so much space for you to exist and to do what you need to do.’

Lucas also said that shooting the final scenes of season one were emotional as he had to say goodbye to Lily.

He said: ‘I think the last scene we did was a great example on a dramatic level, because Emily is meant to leave and he doesn’t know that he’s saying goodbye to Emily.

‘It was my last scene on season one, so I used that emotion to say goodbye to Lily. It was the end, so it was so similar to Gabriel’s experience and I was pretty surprised how painful it became.

‘It’s the kind of scene where, when they say “cut”, you come back to yourself and are like “Woah, what are we doing?” I just completely disconnected and threw myself into the thing.

‘With Lily, she came and hugged me and complimented me about the entire season, and it was such an emotional day. You [Ashley] were meant to be there, but you were late because you went wine tasting…’

Lucas also said that the show came when everyone in the cast were at ‘different places’ and ‘turning points’ in their lives, with everyone growing by the end.

He said: ‘This entire journey came at a time in our lives where we were all at different places and we were all at turning points in our lives. We all brought different energy into this production and grew together, and we all came out of it as better [people].’

He added: ‘It took the entire season to, actually… There were different chapters. Chapter one was like “Hey, what am I doing here? I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m doing it”. Imposter syndrome.

‘Chapter two was like “OK, getting confidence, let’s do this! This is great, we’re all friends”. Chapter three was “It’s not a game, we should be serious about this, don’t be to confident”.

‘And chapter four was like living an entire life — like born, teenager, adult life, and at the end you’re like “OK, I’m more mature now and am ready for what’s next”.’

Talking about his role in the series, Lucas said that he felt connected to Gabriel as they are both ‘modern men’ and ‘pretty much connected to our feminine side and sensitivity’.

Revealing how he approached the character, he continued: ‘I guess pretty much everything was different, because as you know, I jumped into production a week before we started.

‘Since I only had two episodes, they were writing as they were getting to know us… I guess I gave him all of my anxieties and my wounds and it was kind of therapeutic, you know?

‘I didn’t want to just be the boy next door, because he literally is the boy next door. I wanted him to show something else, some nuances, and wanted to show that behind the wall of the flirtatious confidence, he was just a lost French boy.’

Ending his interview, Lucas said that he wanted his new fans to know that he likes to treat people the way he likes to be treated.

He added: ‘I’m compassionate and loving and always try to find the best in everybody. You know, this is something we miss these days — a little compassion.’

For the interview and photoshoot, Lucas smouldered in a collection of stylish ensembles amongst the picturesque cityscape of Paris.

In one brooding snap, the actor went shirtless as he wore a gold chain and a pair of loose-fitting black trousers.

Read the full interview in the latest issue of Man About Town, available now.

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Photoshoots > Outtakes > Session 012

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Gallery Update (11/11)

I’ve just updated the gallery with a photo of Lucas modeling for Mango apparel, modeling for Laurence Tavernier’s new collection, as well as some on set photos from Mrs Harris Goes to Paris. Head to the gallery to check them all out!

Gallery Links:
Film Productions > 2021 | Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris > On Set
Photoshoots > Advertisement Campaigns > Laurence Tavernier 2020 Collection
Photoshoots > Outtakes > Session 014

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Schön! Magazine Interview

It’s October 14 and Lucas Bravo is sitting in a Budapest flat scrolling through Instagram. Since the release of Emily in Paris at the beginning of the month, the latest Netflix series from mega-creator Darren Star, Bravo’s popularity has exploded. He went from around ten thousand Instagram followers to well over a million in just a few days and messages of support have been pouring into his inbox from all over the globe. While he’d love to meet his new fans in person, Bravo is currently quarantined inside his rented Hungarian home until he can return to set for his upcoming film Mrs Harris Goes to Paris — and thus, the endless Insta-scroll continues.

“It’s hard, you know?” Bravo starts with a happy huff. “All your friends tell you, ‘Don’t get sucked into your phone and try not to reply to everybody.’ But I have a lot of time on my hands, and it’s just so flattering, and I feel so grateful.” He chuckles. “I’m just so humbled by all this. I want to be able to give back as much as possible.”

Emily in Paris sees Bravo playing Gabriel, Emily’s (spoiler) chef neighbour-turned-lover. Gabriel is an object of desire from the moment he hits the screen, and over the past weeks, audiences have fallen for his accent and charm right alongside the titular lead. Such a role suits the actor perfectly; a model and former sous-chef with a naturally chipper demeanour, Bravo seems to be as close as one could get to the real-life Gabriel.

While the series is Bravo’s first American production, it’s not his first flirtation with the USA. He’s previously lived in Los Angeles, has attended Burning Man on more than one occasion, and even took a journey to Alaska to visit the abandoned bus once occupied by Chris McCandless, the subject of the book and film Into the Wild.

“I found the bus after three days and lived in it for a little week,” he reveals. “When I saw the movie, I think in 2009, I was in shock… I was already transported by the movie, but when I saw the picture of the real Christopher McCandless, I was so touched by this adventure that I promised myself I would do it one day. It took me ten years, but one winter, I booked my ticket and I just went there.”

The experience of living in the bus sounds miserable — “30 degrees below zero. I couldn’t really sleep,” he remembers — but the mere fact that he went at all speaks to his powerful sense of adventure. Bravo loves to travel, and with Emily in Paris, he hopes he can bring the joy of globetrotting to viewers who have found themselves unable to leave their familiar surroundings due to the present pandemic. “I’ve gotten many messages from people telling me, ‘Now I want to go to Paris.’ And this is the best compliment because that’s really what Darren wanted,” the actor explains. “People tell me about how the show allowed them to travel and feel better. This year has been really hard on everybody, and I’m glad to have these positive stories and cheer up people. It’s a great feeling, and I’m very proud to have it.”

You can read the rest of the interview by clicking here and going to the Schön! Magazine website!

Gallery Link:
Photoshoots > Outtakes > Session 013

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