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Photos: Screen Captures Update

I’ve just added screen captures from the two music videos Lucas has been in, along with his quick appearance on “Emily in Paris” co-star Samuel Arnold’s Instagram Live yesterday into the photo gallery.

Posted by admin on March 25th, 2021
‘Camera Obscura’ – Interview with Lucas Bravo, Sonia Sieff and Mary Noelle Dana

Cléo is a feminist college student who works catering jobs to make ends meet. During a high-end fashion shoot, world-famous photographer Alice Klein decides the hired model just won’t do, and sets her eyes on the opinionated young woman. When Cléo expresses her extreme distaste for all things fashion-related, Samuel, the cynical production assistant, makes it clear she doesn’t have a choice.

Want to find out more? Stay tuned with us then and gain first hand insights from the creators.

Together with actor Lucas Bravo, photographer, director and jury member Sonia Sieff and director Mary Noelle Dana joined together for an interview on their latest project with the beautiful title CAMERA OBSCURA.

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Photos + Video: Harper’s Bazaar HK Interview

Lucas sat down with Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong to talk about Emily in Paris, why he loves Paris, and his hobbies and his experiences in 2020. I’ve also added screen captures from the interview into the gallery!

Gallery Link:

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Photos: Short Film + Advertisement Captures

I’ve just updated the gallery with captures from Lucas’s short film Le Diner, as well as captures from advertisements for Chanel and Paris La Défense — all of which are in HD. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:

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Emily in Paris


A young American woman from the Midwest is hired by a marketing firm in Paris to provide them with an American perspective on things.



Alice is a passionate young actress, she has just arrived in the capital, with the aim of becoming an actress. She does everything to fulfill her dream, and discovers, despite herself, the environment in which she wishes to evolve.
Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

André Fauvel

A new adaptation of Paul Gallico's much-loved novel about a cleaning lady in 1950s London who falls in love with an haute couture dress by Christian Dior and decides to gamble everything for the sake of this folly.

Camera Obscura


When Cléo expresses her extreme distaste for all things fashion-related, Samuel, her cynical production assistant, makes it clear she doesn’t have a choice.
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