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Lucas Bravo Wants to Be More Than a French Fantasy in ‘Emily in Paris’

In a lot of romantic comedies, the men tend to be hunky props. They can be the object of our desire for the leading lady that we root for, but the writing ultimately fails them in the end. Darren Star’s Emily in Paris doesn’t let the men off the hook, and while Lucas Bravo is the ideal French paramour, he gives his character way more nuance than you might expect.

Gabriel is literally the boy next door. Well, he’s the boy upstairs (maybe it’s different in Europe?), and he’s so spirited to be around. You get the impression that he is always flirting with Lily Collins’ Emily, but maybe that’s just how men are in France. If you look deeper, you will see that Bravo has given Gabriel a lot of qualities that make him a more progressive love interest. He respects Emily’s independence and never tries to be the white knight. He’s more of an on-call support system for her.

The difference between American romantic ideals clash sweetly throughout Emily in Paris‘s first season, but Bravo makes Gabriel a modern beau worthy of our ambitious protagonist.

Awards Daily: At one point, Gabriel tells Emily, “You don’t come to Paris to be good.” Do you think Americans—or people in general—romanticize Paris too much?
Lucas Bravo: I think it’s applied to the general idea of traveling abroad. I remember when I moved to LA, I had a sense that I was going to make discoveries and encounters. I think it’s not good in terms of being all over the place and losing my values, but it’s more about allowing yourself to experiment and thinking outside the box. That’s what I think Gabriel means. He also just really wants to kiss her.

AD: I wondered how Emily had any confusion about Gabriel’s feelings. After his first impression of her, is it his intention to be very direct or is that just how Gabriel is with everyone?
LB: Gabriel is a very direct person with everyone. I want him to be that way. When Darren [Star] approached me, it was about literally being the boy next door. Every time I take on a role, I have to start from love and that influences me to how the character acts the way he does. I follow the path from there. I wanted him to be a very modern version of what a man should be, and that means he is very connected with his feminine side and very vulnerable and compassionate. He is kind of lost. In this process, one of his tools growing up was his charm, I think Gabriel does that effortlessly. It’s part of how he communicates. He’s not that confident but he’s been navigating life with this mask of confidence. It goes through that channel of charm.

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Gallery Update (1/12)

I’ve been busy working on a pretty big gallery update; at the moment, I’ve added missing outtakes from photoshoots, added photos from when Lucas modeled for Noyoco Paris, and I’ve been adding film and television production photos here and there. Be sure and head over to the gallery to check out all the new additions!

Gallery Links:

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Netflix’s Emily in Paris: Creator and Cast in Conversation

If you missed last night’s live conversation with Darren Star and the cast of “Emily in Paris”, you can watch the full conversation below!

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Watch “Emily in Paris” Creator and Cast in Conversation on December 16th

92Y is hosting an on demand conversation between “Emily in Paris” creator Darren Star and cast members, including Lucas, and journalist Ruthie Fierberg live at 8pm EST on Wednesday, December 16th! Follow this link for access to the conversation!

Join Darren Star and cast Lily Collins, Philippine Leroy Beaulieu, Ashley Park and Lucas Bravo for a behind-the-scenes conversation about Netflix’s hit rom-com series Emily in Paris. Creator, writer and executive producer Star (Sex in the City, Younger) has the Midas touch in writing strong female characters. In Emily in Paris, his charming lead is a 20-something American working at a chic Parisian luxury goods firm less than welcoming to a bold young woman who doesn’t speak the language. Emily Instagrams her way through the pleasures of Paris — fabulous clothes, dreamy French men, orgasmic croissants — all while deflecting the displeasure of the locals and a boss who can’t stand her. Star and cast talk with journalist Ruthie Fierberg about the show’s irresistible escapist appeal through the confines of a pandemic, its hilarious embrace of Parisian stereotypes, those incredible clothes, and what’s in store for season two in a series as delectable as a Ladurée macaron.

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My high school heartthrob was just crowned one of the sexiest men alive. Ask me how I feel

To the world, Lucas Bravo is one of the stars of Emily in Paris. To me, he’s a blast from the past
Every high school has one. He just happened to be ours.

When Emily in Paris came out in October, it took me a couple of weeks to dive in. I’m French. Do you have any idea how exhausting that is? Whenever French culture gets discussed on the global stage, an abundance of takes ensues, and things get unmanageable faster than you can say “French people don’t actually wear berets”.

With Emily in Paris, some people complained that the show wasn’t realistic – as if Darren Star, its creator, was a storied documentarian instead of the man who gave us Sex and the City and Beverly Hills, 90210. Some Americans cringed at Emily’s behavior, while some French people cringed at the depiction of their country. Some found the series boring, or confusing, or both. The outfits were bad, we were told. Emily in Paris was bad. It was 2020, and things were bad, bad, bad.

I wasn’t going to bother watching the show. Life’s too short! There are old ER episodes waiting to be watched for the 25th time! Then, I happened upon a full cast listing, and everything changed. There, alongside Lily Collins and Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, was a name I hadn’t thought of in years, but recognised instantly: Lucas Bravo.

The name transported me back to a time of heavy backpacks, surprise quizzes, and cafeteria lunches. Secret crushes, playground gossip, dreadful PE classes. To most, Lucas Bravo is the handsome actor who plays Gabriel, Emily’s neighbor and love interest in Paris. To me, he’s my former high school heartthrob. He’s the person everyone within a 10-mile radius had a crush on. The one whose name was universally and tacitly acknowledged as the gold standard for charm.

Head over to to read the rest of the article!

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